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How education institutions are empowering design students to interact with design at a young age. This can help design ideas permeate and flourish at a young age. These are the young designers of the future, but now with 3D printing students can start designing industrial products at a younger age.
How Chinese schools are bringing this possibility to the design community. 创新型的学校教育正在为年轻的学生提供接触设计的新平台。不在需要繁复的加工工艺,学生的设计理念和创意可以通过学校的3D打印轻松实现。"751设计私房课:教育和3D打印"为您展示中国的学校是如何通过3D打印将设计的无线可能传递给学生。


751,The Node
Beijing, China

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