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Contact Person: Alistair Mcarthur
Event Details
Event Details

In this seminar, we will concentrate on the hot topics in aviation industry, make depth analysis of the newest policies on flight training in civil aviation, exchange ideas about training model and management method, as well as exploring the application of new technologies. Currently, 12 topics have been confirmed, which are:

  1. Airline Copilot Preparation Course (ACPC)
  2. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
  3. Safety Management System (SMS)
  4. Interpreting the Newest Regulations and Policies on Pilot Training
  5. The Standard and Management of Physical Examination for Pilot Recruiting
  6. The Big Data and Trend Analysis of Civil Aviation Pilots in China
  7. Training Mode Comparison between Domestic Flight Schools and Foreign Ones
  8. Trainee Pilots' Work Style
  9. Airlines' Policies And Experience About Sending Students To Study Abroad
  10. The Ground Theory Course Study of Pilots
  11. Australian Flight Schools' Newest Policies And Their Influence on Chinese Students' Training
  12. The Safety Management and Quality Management System of Flight Schools

Who should attend?

  • Representatives of Civil Aviation Administration of China, regional management and supervision bureaus;
  • Flight training Supervisors and pilot recruiting staff from airlines both at home and abroad;
  • Advanced management staff from flight training institutions at home and abroad;
  • Experts and professors from science research institutions and aviation colleges;
  • Aircraft manufacturers and agencies, aviation material providers at home and abroad;
  • Flight simulator manufacturers and agencies;
  • Associated service providers of flight training