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The PEACH Foundation offers sponsorship opportunities for children from the poorest parts of China to get an education. Roughly 17% of China’s local population is living below the subsistence level. Farmers in China’s countryside earn an average annual income equal to RMB 500. Annual tuition costs for a middle school student are about RMB 600 and for a high school student, can be as high as RMB 1600. Many children with potential, simply can’t afford going beyond elementary school because of their family's economic situation. The Foundation targets those regions with annual incomes below RMB 1800 per year per household. It provides financial assistance for middle and high school students, as well as university student loans, and it contributes towards library building, teachers training, school building and maintenance, and other educational services.

WIL and WIL members have supported the PEACH Foundation for a number of years and are proud to be supporting the students and the foundation again this year.