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Petros Djakouris (Co-Founder & Curator of BeHive)

Petros Djakouris

Co-Founder & Curator of BeHive

Petros studied Economics at Nottingham University and has been in China for three years. After working with tech startups and corporates in Beijing, London, and Nicosia, he founded BeHive, a skills development community that helps students become better communicators and culturally agile in today's constantly changing workplace. Petros has served in the Special Forces as a Sergeant Major and has been recognized by the WEF as a Global Shaper. As an avid supporter of youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and personal development, he is a mentor at Startup Grind and has facilitated and designed corporate training for companies such as VW, Ventum Consulting, Lean in China, and Genowledge.

Costas Georgiou (Co-Founder of BeHive 社交巢)

Costas Georgiou

Co-Founder of BeHive 社交巢

Costas studied Law at The University of Manchester in the UK. He has been living in China for the past 4 years and speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently.

After accumulating legal, corporate and startup work experience in China, Cyprus and the UK, he co-founded BeHive, a skills training platform that helps young professionals become enhance their communication skills and hone their intercultural acumen. The platform has enabled more than 4000 young professionals to develop crucial career skills through 50+ workshops and job fairs and regularly work with universities, HR agencies, and companies such as LinkedIn.

Costas has served in the Special Forces as a Sergeant Major and graduated first of his class. He has also been a speaker at national conferences like CIFTIS and the WFCMS and has been interviewed by Chinese and Cyprus media channels.

Costas has facilitated and designed various corporate training and workshops for VW, Lean in China, Genowledge, ACYA, the Zambian Embassy in Beijing on topics like Relationships, Decision Making, Effective Communication, Intercultural Understanding and Persuasion.