Zhang Li (Vice President at Canaan Creative)

Zhang Li

Vice President at Canaan Creative

Vice President of Canaan Creative. Ms. Zhang Li obtained her Master of Engineering degree from Tsinghua University, with a CPA certificate. Ms. Zhang Li has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and Guotai Junan Securities M&A Department. She has led several overseas listing projects and has served more than 10 A-share listed companies in the internet and service sectors. Since 2014, she has been the vice president and secretary of the board of Hangzhou Shunwang Technology, the leading Internet entertainment platform company in China, responsible for the company's strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and investment. During her tenure, Ms. Zhang Li led the investment in the domestic outstanding film and television entertainment company Ciwen Media, mixed ownership of the first single China Telecom's love game base, Donews, iKuai wifi. In addition, she led the acquisition of the light casual game platform 91y, the world's largest game show Chinajoy and China’s leading security platform Guo Rui Xin An.

Jeffrey Liao (Head of AI Laboratory at Synopsys)

Jeffrey Liao

Head of AI Laboratory at Synopsys

Jeffrey Liao currently serves as the Head of AI Laboratory in Synopsys. He has over 20 years of IC design industry experience in IP designs/SOC design/verification, software/hardware co-design and technical marketing in AI and other technologies. Jeffrey Liao received a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from National Tsing Hua University and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University.

Yong Hua Lin (Director of IBM Research China & Distinguished Engineer at IBM)

Yong Hua Lin

Director of IBM Research China & Distinguished Engineer at IBM

Yong Hua Lin is Director of IBM Research China. Meanwhile, she is IBM Distinguished Engineer leading the AI System and Computer Vision research, and member of IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team.

Yonghua has worked on AI system and computer vision research for more than 15 years. She led the team built and operate IBM OpenPOWER innovation cloud, including OpenStack, container cloud, GPU and FPGA, computer vision technologies. The related technologies have been used by IBM Waston and IBM PowerAI.

Jason Lu (VP of Sales at Graphcore)

Jason Lu

VP of Sales at Graphcore

Jason Lu is VP of Sales at Graphcore, and he is overseeing sales and business activities in China. He is currently focusing on setting up a strong business and technical team to introduce Graphcore’s IPU technology to innovators in China. Before joining Graphcore, he spent 13 years at Cavium where he was the GM for their business in China and he started China operations for Cavium.

Kunle Olukotun (Co-founder and Chief Technologist of SambaNova Systems)

Kunle Olukotun

Co-founder and Chief Technologist of SambaNova Systems

Kunle Olukotun is Cadence Design Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. He founded Afara Websystems, acquired by Sun in 2002. He is a Pioneer of Chip Multiprocessor Designs, Director of the Stanford Pervasive Parallelism Lab, and Co-leader of the Data Analytics for What’s Next (DAWN) research program.

In 2017 Olukotun and Chris Ré founded SambaNova Systems. SambaNova Systems has developed a disruptive next-generation computing platform to power machine learning and data analytics.

Jian Ouyang (Cheif Architect, Kunlun at Baidu)

Jian Ouyang

Cheif Architect, Kunlun at Baidu

Jian Ouyang is the principal architect for Baidu’s Kunlun chip team and leads the data center architecture team. Currently, he is looking for non-traditional architecture and systems for big data and AI applications in the post-Moore’s law era. He has authored or co-authored several papers on various conferences, such as ASPLOS2014, Hotchips2014, EuroSys2014, etc.

Yi Shan (Senior Director, AI of Xilinx)

Yi Shan

Senior Director, AI of Xilinx

Yi Shan was Co-Founder & CTO of DeePhi, where he took charge of all the engineering management and product definition, before DeePhi was acquired by Xilinx in 2018. He is now Senior Director, AI at Xilinx.

He has worked on FPGA and ASIC design for machine learning applications for more than 10 years, at companies such as Horizon Robotics and Baidu.

His paper published in FPGA2010, on machine learning acceleration with FPGAs, has been cited by more than 300 times.

Yichen Shen (Co-Founder & CEO of Lightelligence)

Yichen Shen

Co-Founder & CEO of Lightelligence

Yichen Shen is a co-founder and CEO of Lightelligence. He received his PhD degree in Physics from MIT in 2016, where his research focused on nanophotonics and artificial intelligence. Through his PhD, Yichen has published more than 25 peer-reviewed journal papers and has filed 10 US patents, including first authored papers in Science, Nature Photonics, and ICML (the top machine learning conference). In 2017, Yichen received Forbes 30 under 30 Global and MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators under 35 (TR35) China.

Brett Simpson (Co-Founder & Partner of Arete Research)

Brett Simpson

Co-Founder & Partner of Arete Research

Brett Simpson is a co-founder of Arete (formed in 2000) and is based in the firm's London office. He focuses on the global semiconductor component sector. Brett is a regular public speaker at industry events and after 17 years looking at the sector, has a wealth of experience to draw on. Prior to Arete, Brett spent two years at Goldman Sachs in an equity analyst role, specialising in European technology following three years with Ericsson UK, working in business development, covering all aspects of wireline and wireless telecom infrastructure.

Cheng Wang (Co-Founder & SVP, Architecture & Engineering of Flex Logix)

Cheng Wang

Co-Founder & SVP, Architecture & Engineering of Flex Logix

Originally from Shanghai, PRC. BSEECS, UC Berkeley. Cheng has led the architecture, silicon implementation and software development for eFPGA over two generations from 180nm-16nm and now neural inferencing. Two years as VLSI designer at Zoran. MSEE, EE PhD UCLA: designed 5 FPGA chips from 90nm to 40nm. 2013 Distinguished PhD Dissertation Award. 2014 ISSCC Lewis Winner Award for Outstanding Paper. Multiple patients at UCLA and Flex Logix.

Lingjie Xu (Director, Applied AI Architecture of Alibaba Cloud)

Lingjie Xu

Director, Applied AI Architecture of Alibaba Cloud

Lingjie Xu is a director of Alibaba Cloud and he is in charge of heterogeneous computing infrastructure, including GPUs and AI ASICs. His team is currently focusing on applied AI architecture and SW/HW interplay. On September 2018, he launched AI Matrix benchmark suite for deep learning. Before joining Alibaba, he held various senior management and architect roles in NVIDIA, AMD and Samsung.

Dr. Kai Yu (Co-Founder & CEO of Horizon Robotics Inc)

Dr. Kai Yu

Co-Founder & CEO of Horizon Robotics Inc

Dr. Kai YU is founder & CEO of Horizon Robotics Inc., dedicated to revolutionizing AI processors and solutions for autonomous systems. He is an internationally recognized expert in deep learning and general AI, a member of National Council of Next-Generation AI Strategy Planning, by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, a prestigious group of technology leaders of the country, the deputy secretary general of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI).

Li Yunpeng (Founder, President & CEO of Iluvatar CoreX)

Li Yunpeng

Founder, President & CEO of Iluvatar CoreX

Mr. Li Graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University in 2002 and obtained his master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005. He worked at Oracle Corporation from 2005 to 2015, where he was engaged in the design, research and development of database infrastructure software, as well as technical management work. He went on to become Director of software development in the Database Division at Oracle. His ten-year career in Silicon Valley allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the information platform industry and its products. In 2015, he returned to China and founded Iluvatar CoreX, beginning the transition from technical expert to start-up founder and entrepreneur.

Li Yunpeng has always kept abreast of trends in technological development and is fully aware of the opportunities for qualitative change that new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence can bring to the digital transformation of enterprises. He believes that the enterprise cloud computing market will shift from industry digitization to digital industrialization, and there will be a wide market for platform products that resolve the issue of computing power during the great wave of enterprise digital industrialization represented by AI. Therefore, combining his own advantages with those of his team, he came back to China and founded Iluvatar CoreX in 2015.