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Check-in, Meet and Greet

Arrive early and have the chance to speak with other attendees and our speakers.

Welcome Introduction
Peter MambweRaven WillisJennifer De Rose

Meet Peter and Raven, who both got the opportunity to study abroad in high school and since then have pursued a different life-path and are now living abroad.

Each will share their personal journeys of becoming global citizens and their views on why it is important to give global exposure to youth at an early age.

  • Peter Mambwe (Alumni Spokesperson & Alumni Council President, Americans Promoting Study Abroad)

    Peter Mambwe

    Alumni Spokesperson & Alumni Council President, Americans Promoting Study Abroad
  • Raven Willis (Strategy Counselor, Due West Education)

    Raven Willis

    Strategy Counselor, Due West Education
  • Jennifer De Rose (Executive Director, Americans Promoting Study Abroad)

    Jennifer De Rose

    Executive Director, Americans Promoting Study Abroad
Open Discussion & Dialogue

Discussion Topic: What is Global Citizenship?
In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, what role does each of us play?

Following the stories from our speakers, we will open a discussion around what it means to be a Global Citizen and what actions we can all take to contribute.

This is an interactive and engaging session to hear diverse perspectives and ideas.