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BARE connects and reminds us that we’re not alone, through sharing and listening to the “behind the scenes” of our lives.

Behind the glory of “making it,” there are unspoken, even hidden, hazards of entrepreneurial life due to the fast-paced environment. The mantra “fake it till you make it” dominates mindsets, but this can lead to dark places including burnout, anxiety, depression.

People like to tell us what to do. The key is finding those who will listen, not judge, and not shove advice down your throats.

We sometimes take too much responsibility on our own shoulders, try to do too much, and feel like a failure if things are not perfect.
Stress is real. Burnout is real. Depression is real. It can be prevented if we start by acknowledging its existence.

At BARE conferences, you’ll hear a community leader share their insights, their advice, their personal experience. After their presentation, everybody will have a chance to discuss and find their own answers.

Ultimately, Bare aims to connect people and remind us that we’re not alone. Through sharing and listening to our behind-the-scenes, we can increase our empathy, compassion, and resilience. We hope Bare will be the first step in fostering a broader culture of strength through vulnerability.


DayDayUp(Sanlitun Space)
Workers' Stadium North Road 6
Beijing Shi, China

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