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The prolonged uncertainty felt in North American and European markets has given rise to a surge in
M&A activity led by Asian countries, notably China, ranked as one of the world's top outbound acquirers.
The majority of China's larger deals fall under the sector of energy and natural resources, a trend that is expected to continue over the coming years, given the country's ever-growing demand and cash-rich corporations eager to explore new markets.北美及欧洲市场不确定性久拖不决,催生了亚洲国家的并购潮,尤其是中国,已跃居成为全球最大的出境收购国之一。中国大型交易中大多数都来自于能源与自然资源行业,鉴于中国的发展和国内资金充足的公司开拓新市场的需求不断增长,这一趋势在未来几年还将继续保持。


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