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Stepping into a new environment - be it a new industry or a new culture can be daunting. During the transition, things aren't always set up perfectly on the ground.

Ethics and culture in China influences all areas of daily life, including doing business. What makes the China a highly sought after destination can also be attributed to its unique characteristics - that many have been figuring their way about.

How can we manage customer relations in a city that is moving increasingly faster? How can I cultivate innovation and a enterprising spirit in a new environment? How can I establish trust and build my individual brand?

To answer your questions, Digital Bootcamp Asia invites you to join their upcoming networking event that will cover a broad array of issues from starting your business and inculcating innovation at every step, to marketing your personal brand and building a community in China.

Rather than have you figure it out as you go or scour the internet for answers, we've invited three impressive industry leaders to be panelists at our workshop:

1. Thomas Knoop - General Manager and Co-Founder of Livecom China, Co., Ltd.

Topic: Lessons I learnt from starting a business in China

  • Starting a business in China
  • From cultural differences to gaining trust with your Chinese customers

2. Oliva Plotnick - Marketing Manager at Brandigo

Topic: Thinking like a KOL - Lessons from China influencer marketing you should be applying in your own life

I. Brief intro of KOLs

II. Why do people trust KOLs

III. Connecting with your audience

IV. KOLs as innovators

V. Individuals as brands (in China)

3. Antonio Benitez Garcia - Co-Founder of SpontAsia

  • Topic: Transition and Entrepreneurship in New EnvironmentsTransition and entrepreneurship in a new environment
  • Adoption of new strategies to establish a prosperous business

These experts will offer you with some hard-won advice to help you avoid common pitfalls when starting a business, provide guidance about favorable tools and techniques for expanding your customers and share words of wisdom to help promote your brand and ensure your success.

Don't miss this event and the opportunity to hear first-hand from some of China's most knowledgeable, practiced and respected professionals. Learn what is and is not working for you, recognize how to modify your business strategies and leave with practical advice to grow your business and make you successful. Above all, you will have the chance to interact directly with the panelists as well as your peers.


Thomas Knoop

General Manager and Co-Founder of Livecom China, Co., Ltd.

Olivia Plotnick

Marketing Manager at Brandigo

Antonio Benitez Garcia

Co-Founder of SpontAsia


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