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AngelHack Shenzhen Hackathon 2018

Every year, AngelHack adventures across the globe for our yearly Global Hackathon Series.

This year's theme? Seamless Technology (any topic) with additional Hurify Blockchain, PropTech & IBM cloud challenges in Shenzhen.

Over the course of Summer 2018, we'll hit six continents, bridging the gap between Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurs all over the world. Hackathons are built for rapid innovation, and rapid isn't always pretty. But no matter the roadblock, broken code or bumps, we continue on and push forward, together. There's no boundary or limit to what we can create.

So join us! Create something cool. Meet great people. Win great prizes. Who knows, your founder journey may begin at TechTemple in Shenzhen!


We offer our own Grand Prize AND team up with awesome sponsors who have their own challenges and prizes you can go after. Aiming for the HACKcelerator invite? Only in it for some cool hardware? Good news, you can go for as many challenges as you want!

AngelHack Challenge: Challenge yourself and your entrepreneurial spirit. Make something innovative without limits, something that brings positive change to the world, even something that solves a small problem. It's that simple.

AngelHack Prize: The winning team from each hackathon will receive an invite into AngelHack's HACKcelerator program.

PropTech = Property + Technology Challenge

JLL looks forward to seeing the new ideas and concepts in using technology and innovation to transform real estate industry. The specific solutions could be around the following areas:

  • Real estate transactions – Develop intelligent applications/solutions to improve efficiency and user experience of leasing and sales transactions of property
  • Property Management – Develop ideas & solutions to disrupt traditional property management model and processes, bring it to a whole new level in terms of service efficiency and user experience (with a reduced cost)

Ideas/solutions can range from the use of IoT, blockchain, shared economy, design & build to data science and analysis, smart parking and information communication & sharing.

PropTech Prize: 10,000 CNY for the team that can convince the JLL judges.

Hurify Open Challenge @ 2018 AngelHack Global Hackathons:

Think you are not an Internet of Things developer? Think again! Whether your interests are Mobile App Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, AI, Servers, Databases, or VR, you have something to contribute to IoT and the IoT community needs you!

Hurify Digital Markets is sponsoring the Hurify Open Challenge. Open an account on and post your project to your user profile for a chance at our prize of 28,000 HUR tokens (approximately $5000 in value on the Marketplace), which can be held or spent on hardware at the Hurify Platform Marketplace. Hurify Digital Markets is a Blockchain-Driven IoT Ecosystem open to all developers. All projects are welcome to compete. Special consideration will be given to projects which utilize any combination of Cloud Services, Analytics, Machine Learning, Mobile Devices, or Internet of Things.    

Prize: US$5,000 Equivalent HUR Tokens to be split amongst the winning team in each city. Can be kept for future use or converted to hardware from via the Hurify Marketplace."

CHALLENGE: Get ready for Call for Code with this preliminary challenge to improve logistics based on traffic and weather activity. Using the understanding of weather and traffic conditions can reduce the number of people affected by mobilizing them effectively. IBM Code Patterns for inspiration to kickstart your solutions or build your ideas upon other IBM Code Patterns and services that are provided by the IBM Cloud.

Call for Code, is a worldwide, multi-year initiative that inspires developers to solve pressing global problems with sustainable software solutions. Get a leg up on the competition, by using this challenge to create an application that helps build resilient communities, and safeguards the health and well-being of individuals and institutions. Virtual Prize: The overall winners of the city challenges will win the following:

First Place $7500 USD to be split amongst the winning team

Second Place $2500 USD be split amongst the winning team

Code For A Cause Impact Award Challenge: Build technology that solves a social or environmental problem and positively impacts your local community.

Code For A Cause Impact Award Prize: One Impact Award will be given out at each event in the Global Hackathon Series. At the end of the Global Hackathon Series, the top Impact Award projects will be chosen by an expert judging panel including; Chan Zuckerberg, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; and more. These top five teams will receive an official invite into the HACKcelerator.


All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. Come solo or in a team of up to five, and spend the weekend learning new skills, meeting your local tech community and tech sponsors, enjoying free food, and more.

Our attendees typically consist of developers looking to improve their skills or expand their horizons, students, designers of all skill-sets, and serious entrepreneurs that can add value to teams. Bring your ideas and let's go!


June 23-24, 2018 Shenzhen

TechTemple Nanshan: A208, China University of Geosciences, 8 Yuexing 3rd Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

南山科技寺 深圳市南山区粤兴三道8号中国地质大学产学研基地A208

Day 1 (June 23, 2018)

9:00 AM : Doors Open & Breakfast

10:00 AM : Opening Ceremony, Sponsor Welcomes, & Team Building

11:00 AM : Coding Kick Off

1:00 PM : Lunch

7:00 PM : Dinner

10:00 PM : Pitch Workshop

11:00 PM : Midnight snack

*Venue open overnight

Day 2 (June 24, 2018)

8:00 AM : Breakfast

12:00 PM : Lunch

1:00 PM : Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on

1:30 PM : A/V Check

2:00 PM : Demos

4:00 PM : Winners are Announced / Prizes!


We know some rules are meant to be broken, but you should probably (read: definitely) stick by these:

1. Fresh Code - We all start coding at the same time. It's cool to work on designs beforehand, digital mockups, open source frameworks, and anything else available to everyone, but keep things within fair limits.

2. Code Review - Winning teams may be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning. This is to ensure that all code used is in fact fresh.

3. Ownership and IP - You own your IP and whatever you create. Simple as that.

4. Team Size - No more than five people.

5. Submissions - Each hackathon has its individual page where projects need to be submitted by the designated time. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to do just that.

6. Demos - You'll have 2 minutes to demo the functionality of your project and talk through your idea, and 1 minute for Q&A from judges.

7. Be cool to your fellow hackers! Check out our Code of Conduct.


How is the hackathon judged?

Projects will be judged based on the following criteria, with a total of 5 points per criteria:

● Fundability: How fundable is this idea? Is there potential for a sustainable business model?

● Execution: How well was the project executed and explained? Did it work?

● UI/UX: Beyond design, was the end-to-end user experience for the solution considered?

● Originality: How original, creative or unique is the idea?

● Scalability: How scalable is the solution? Will it make an impact?


Hawkey 豪建思 James

Head of Retail, China at JLL 仲量联行

Jan Smejkal

APAC Director of Startup Grind

Huang 黄健玲 Nikita

Head of Marketing, South China at JLL 仲量联行

Jonas Wolf

China Director of AngelHack

Zhai 翟琳璟 Samuel

Head of Strategic Consulting, South China at JLL 仲量联行


Doors Open & Breakfast
Opening Ceremony, Sponsor Welcomes, & Team Building
Coding Kick Off
Pitch Workshop
Midnight snack and fun
Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on
A/V Check
Winners are Announced / Prizes!


TechTemple Nanshan
A208, China University of Geosciences, 8 Yuexing 3rd Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China

南山科技寺 深圳市南山区粤兴三道8号中国地质大学产学研基地A208

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