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The advent of blockchain has sparked a huge hype revolving around the revolution of transaction and database. You've probably heard about it for the umpteenth time on the news, read headlines about it online.

Now, while we are well aware of the wonders of blockchain, let's take a step further to explore how blockchain can be integrated into the different industries:

Logistics & Supply Chain:

Managing today's supply chains has grown incredibly complex. The globalisation of manufacturing and advancements in transportation and technology has shifted the paradigm for supply chain management. This makes it difficult for businesses or consumers to know the true value of products due to the lack of transparency in the current system.

Trade Finance:

There is an inconvenient truth that trade finance is currently full of efficiencies and the vulnerability of the industry to fraud. Work processing needs to be upgraded or replaced with digitised operations as a solution.

Blockchain benefits trade finance via the creation of trusted and permission interactions between corporations, B2B partners, financial institutions and service providers. These new highly efficient and transparent models are better connected, highly automated is a demonstration on the benefits of blockchain in trade finance.

Join our guest speakers for the night, who will be sharing valuable tips on the applicability and integration of blockchain technology into two major industries and what to take note on for cryptocurrency and regulations globally.

Speakers include:

1. Nicholas Krapels - Adjunct Professor of Finance at University of Dayton, Community Partner (Shanghai) of Finch Connector

Topic: Using the Blockchain for Logistics & Supply Chain

2. Bruno Botelho - Chief Marketing Officer of LiqEase

Topic: Using Blockchain for Trade Finance

3.Victor Lee - Co-Founder & CMO at

Topic: Cryptocurrency and Regulations Around the World

Don't miss this exciting opportunity up-close with three of the industry experts and have the chance to interact directly with them as well as your peers. Tickets run out fast, get yours today!



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