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From healthcare and medtech to fintech and blockchain, technology holds the promise of a better future for all. However, it is not difficult to point out areas where the application of technology does the opposite and becomes dangerous instead. For example, AI, robotics and automation may increase efficiency and production, but they may also cost valuable jobs. Ride and bike sharing apps have had a series of unintended consequences, including greater traffic congestion, sidewalk cluttering and rainbow waves of "bike graves."


How can we increase the social benefits of technology while reducing its risks? Should there be an adopted code of ethics for technology creators and distributors? What should this code be? When and what should startups consider during product and service development?


Tech4Good focuses on these questions and more. By encouraging these discussions with private and public companies, governments, startups, and the general public, we strive to reintroduce humanity back into the technology conversation. At the end of the day, humans and society are the ones that stand to gain and lose the most from technological advances, and the conversation on what the rules and ethics are, need to start immediately.

通过与大型科技公司的多次成功活动,Ladies Who Tech正在以Tech4Good为主题扩展到包括香港、 北京,新加坡和深圳在内的亚洲主要城市。这个主题非常接近我们的想法以及多样化并提升技术的核心使命。

After a number of successful events with large tech companies, Ladies Who Tech is expanding to leading Asian cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, and Shenzhen with the theme of Tech4Good. This topic is very close to our hearts and core mission to diversify and elevate technology.

10月24日加入我们吧,我们将讨论Tech4Good,并听取谷歌专家关于这方面的更多见解。座位有限 - 请尽快注册!

Save the date and join us on October 24th as we discuss Tech4Good and hear from Google experts about these concerns and more. Seats are limited – make sure you're among the first to sign up!








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