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Opening Remarks
Top Ten Legal Challenges and Responses for Domestic Employment Group Enterprise
Jingbo (Jason) Lu

Objective: Understand the Four Characteristics of Group-oriented Enterprises
Challenge 1: Clarification of Labor Relations
Challenge 2: The Application of Local Regulations
Challenge 3: The Choice of Disputed Jurisdiction
Challenge 4: Off-site Social Security Payment
Challenge 5: Uniform Contract Agreements
Challenge 6: The Development of Rules and Regulations
Challenge 7: Intra-Group Mobility
Challenge 8: Combination of Employment Methods
Challenge 9: The Cooperation of Enterprise Trade Unions
Challenge 10: Compliance with Overseas Workers

  • Jingbo (Jason) Lu (Founding Partner)

    Jingbo (Jason) Lu

    Founding Partner
Tea Break
Hot Case Study for Employment Compliance Management and Risk Control of Group Enterprise
Cathy QuEllen Zhong

An Overview of Common Difficulties in Group Enterprise Compliance
Example 1: Objective Circumstances
Example 2: Abuse of Job Advantage
Example 3: Employees Deal with Crime and Punishment
Example 4: Trade Secrets are Violated
Example 5: False Reimbursement
Example 6: The Thousand Person Resettlement Project
Shanghai Cathy Qu
Beijing Yuxiang Liu

  • Cathy Qu (Senior Partner and Deputy President)

    Cathy Qu

    Senior Partner and Deputy President
  • Ellen Zhong (Partner, Beijing Branch)

    Ellen Zhong

    Partner, Beijing Branch