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Event Details

CHat is a half day conference dedicated to all things WeChat. We are bringing Beijing’s top English language speakers and experts together. A celebration of all things WeChat, CHat is a place to network, learn and have fun.
  • Presentations from top WeChat marketing and technical experts
  • Practical workshops throughout the day
  • Booth display areas featuring the latest WeChat products and services
  • Live interview with the owner of WeChat’s most successful English language account
  • Interactive WeChat activities and games
  • Expert panel discussion
  • Drinks and networking

Interested in WeChat? Then you will not want to miss this event.


Main Room

1:15 PM

45 mins

Doors open and attendees can enter the venue

2 PM

10 mins

Opening Remarks - The Chat Era

2:10 PM

25 mins

Global Messenger Trends - WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
Presentation with Q&A

2:35 PM

25 mins

Digital Marketing & Social CRM
Presentation with Q&A

3 PM

25 mins

Gamification with WeChat
Presentation with Q&A

3:25 PM

35 mins

Panel Discussion With WeChat Accounts Owners: Hi Better Me &
Panel discussion with the owners of successful WeChat accounts. Learn how they built their followings and the challenges they faced. What are the industry trends and the current standards that account holders should be aware of.

4 PM

20 mins

Afternoon Break

4:20 PM

10 mins

What EU SMEs Expect From WeChat

4:30 PM

25 mins

WeChat Cross Border Payments
Presentation with Q&A

4:55 PM

25 mins

Moving Down the Torso: How to Use Video to Get Results on Wechat
Presentation with Q&A

5:20 PM

40 mins

Panel Discussion
Topic: WeChat Future Trends for 2016 and Beyond

6 PM

6:30 PM

Drinks & Networking


Small workshops will be delivered throughout the day in the upstairs meeting room. Expect detailed and actionable content. Attendees are limited to 30 people on a first come first served basis.

2:10 PM

30 mins

WeChat + Internet of Things

2:40 PM

45 mins

The Chatbot Revolution: Why are businesses so excited about building messenger based chatbots?

3:25 PM

35 mins

Designing for User Engagement in WeChat

4 PM

35 mins

How We Built A WeChat App & Recovered our Development Costs Within 24hrs: Yoli
Drew Kirchhoff and James LaLonde

4:35 PM

5:20 PM

Using WeChat For Your Own Events: Registration, Check in, Onsite, Q&A


  • Andrew Schorr (Co-founder of Grata)

    Andrew Schorr

    Co-founder of Grata

    Read Bio
  • Alexis Bonhomme (Co-Founder of CuriosityChina)

    Alexis Bonhomme

    Co-Founder of CuriosityChina

    Read Bio
  • Sheng Pang (Founder & CEO of Juplus Interactive Technology)

    Sheng Pang

    Founder & CEO of Juplus Interactive Technology

    Read Bio
  • Thomas Graziani (Co-founder of WalktheChat)

    Thomas Graziani

    Co-founder of WalktheChat

    Read Bio
  • Jim Fields (Founder and Managing Director of Relay)

    Jim Fields

    Founder and Managing Director of Relay

    Read Bio
  • David

    David 'DC' Collier

    Co-founder of RIKAI Labs

    Read Bio
  • Edaan Getzel (COO at RIKAI Labs)

    Edaan Getzel

    COO at RIKAI Labs

    Read Bio
  • Nicky Szmala (Partner at K1ND - an Ogilvy & Mather company)

    Nicky Szmala

    Partner at K1ND - an Ogilvy & Mather company

    Read Bio
  • Drew Kirchhoff (Product Manager at Yoli)

    Drew Kirchhoff

    Product Manager at Yoli

    Read Bio
  • James LaLonde (CEO of Yoli)

    James LaLonde

    CEO of Yoli

  • Rafael Jimenez (Business Development Advisor at EU SME Centre)

    Rafael Jimenez

    Business Development Advisor at EU SME Centre

    Read Bio
  • Matthew Brennan (Co-founder of China Channel)

    Matthew Brennan

    Co-founder of China Channel

    Read Bio
  • Nichole Zuo (Co-founder of China Channel)

    Nichole Zuo

    Co-founder of China Channel

    Read Bio
  • Kiran Patel (Director of Marketing & Communications at LehmanBrown)

    Kiran Patel

    Director of Marketing & Communications at LehmanBrown

    Read Bio
  • James Flanagan (Curator at TEDxBeijing)

    James Flanagan

    Curator at TEDxBeijing

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