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We believe in making a better world for the creative community. A world where businesses and creatives can converge within a fun and relaxed environment.


Join Beijing's premiere event for meeting creatives, as our community is now over 1200 strong!

现在就去预订京城最棒的遇见“创意”活动, 我们的创意朋友微信群成员已达1200人!

Meet with some of the most talented creative individuals and companies from all industries including film, fashion, music, animation, graphic design, media, web, radio, tv, and more. You can view the video here


This month our awesome line up includes:


1. Celebrity guest performances and talks by:
  • the World Record Holder for the most push ups on one finger and Kunfu master Fu Bing Li;
  • Known duo Mark Levine (Guitar) and Fuhan (Erhu) (performed on CCTV and other channels).
  • BTV Artist Brenda Lee (Cello)
  • Exhibition and presentation by internationally recognised Artist Liu Yong (Art exhibited in London Tate Gallery, Commissioned by the Brazil President, and participated in most international art fairs and exhibits from Monaco, to New York, London, amongst others).

知名中外组合秀外慧中乐队表演:马克力文(吉他) & 傅涵(二胡)(曾在央视及其他重大场合演出)
北京电视台艺人Brenda Lee大提琴表演

2. Curated creative showcases include:​
  • Photo exhibition by Local photographers Manan and Sun Shi
  • Make up by Frau (she has worked for Tatler Magazine UK, Tiffany & Co, Rose Fulbright)
  • Calligraphy workshops by Suren's Ink
  • 其他创意策划展示包括:
  • 本土摄影师Manan和 Sun Shi作品展览
化妆师Frau的作品展及现场互动(曾与英国Tatler杂志、Tiffany和Rose Fulbright时尚品牌合作)
Suren's Ink的中国书法练习工作坊

Why join? 为什么要参加?
It is currently Beijing's hottest event for businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to find new creative talent to hire for a job, endorse for a project, collaborate with, seek new inspiration or find new creative products or services.


Who has attended our events? 谁参加过我们的活动?
Over 1000 guests from Ogilvy, Disney, Wangda Film, Riviera Events, Dreamworks, Ruder Finn, Kaism, CCTV, Fashion TV, Tencent, Auto desk, Sony BMG, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Maxmara, Perfect World, amongst others, have attended our previous events.

超过上千人曾参加过我们以往的活动,参与者包括来自奥美、迪士尼、万达影业、里维拉活动公司、梦工厂、罗德公关中国央视、Fashion TV、腾讯、欧特克设计、索尼BMG、奥迪、梅赛德斯、麦丝玛拉、完美世界等公司的高管及负责人等!

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Service Plan
What unites us all is a passion for building and coaching fascinating brands. Brands that are are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers – simply, best brands.
打造最佳且最具影响力的品牌,是这样的激情与决心让我们走到了一起。 品牌能构建经济层面上的成功, 能引起消费者心理层面上的共鸣——简单的说,这就是最佳品牌

Takahito IRIE
Takahito is a multidisciplinary artist working in myriad mediums including video, photography, digital illustration, performance and installation.
He has appeared in los of press features and interviews.

Provide wine whole sale

Award winning restaurant in Beijing. Serve Morrocan food and have live music

Maria's fusion food
Provide mix of Brazilian and French catering services
Wechat ID: Valneide
T:010 8490 0372 - 13699173034

Jing Jobs
Providing staffing and job recruitment solutions

Face Slap
Body Painting for events all over China and HK

China Daily
China's most well known news publication for the english speaker with over 300 million readership worldwide.

MetroStyle 新大都会
The premier bilingual style and living guide for Chinese urbanities 宣扬有态度的生活方式
Follow us on Wechat account: MetroStyle 新大都会

DeFacto is a design studio and 3D Printing innovation lab that pushes the boundaries of Fashion, Food, Architecture, and Product Design.

Jun Studio
Jun is a photographer who has had his work in Vogue