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  • Breakdown of where mini apps will fit into the WeChat ecosystem. Detailed analysis and comparison with other tools available such as Service & Subscription Accounts and the new synergies made possible.
  • Clear understanding of WeChat team’s longer term strategy for mini apps and the development direction we can expect mini apps to take in the next year based on this strategy.
  • See live demonstrations of how mini apps will be experienced by users
  • Full explanation of the technical limitations of mini apps. Which API’s are available, what they can and can’t do exactly. What changes can we expect in the future.
  • In depth analysis of WeChat mini apps user acquisition and discovery process.
  • Understanding of the WeChat mini app development process. What human resources and time scale is needed to develop mini apps (real case studies).
  • How to measure user engagement and retention. (N.B. Users do not "Follow" a mini app like they normally would a Service or Subscription Account, meaning you may not have a known number of followers at any given time.)
  • How to optimize your overall WeChat strategy to utilize the best features of each account
  • Understanding of advanced linkage of different account types to create powerful new types of SaaS and PaaS opportunities on top of WeChat.