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Industry 4.0, IoT, DX… Do you know what each of them means? Or, are you tired of seeing these words all over the Internet? You are not alone! When it comes to software development, Agile and SCRUM are no doubt high on the list of the most common misused buzzwords. People keep talking about case stories where applications of these concepts have been proved successful, however unrelatable they are to their projects at hand.


To give you a first look at the Scrum Framework, we are honored to be joined by Tim Naumann, Executive Manager at Ventum Consulting, who will host a workshop on SCRUM next Wednesday evening. In this workshop, he will help us learn about the process and develop a first understanding of SCRUM roles, events, artifacts, values, and principles. Also, he will discuss practical examples and explain best practices in a Chinese environment with his extensive experience working with local clients. Whether you are a Business Executive, an IT leader, or you have no previous knowledge of SCRUM, we welcome you as long as you would like to learn more. Scroll down and join us next Wednesday evening!

为了让您初步了解Scrum框架,我们很荣幸邀请到Ventum Consulting执行经理Tim Naumann加入,他将于下周三晚上主持以SCRUM为主题的研讨会。在该研讨会中,他将帮助我们了解流程,并对SCRUM角色,事件,工件,价值和原则有初步了解。此外,凭借与本地客户合作的丰富经验,他将为我们讨论实际示例,并解释在中国环境中的最佳实践。无论您是业务主管,IT主管还是不具备SCRUM知识,只要您希望学习更多,我们都欢迎您。继续浏览并在下周三晚加入我们!

From this topic you will gain:


Key takeaways:

  • Get an understanding of the agile values and concepts
  • Learn about SCRUM framework including insights of the practical usage
  • Find out how to adjust SCRUM for a Chinese environment


  • 了解敏捷的价值和概念
  • 了解SCRUM框架,包括对实际用法的见解
  • 了解如何针对中国环境调整SCRUM


Tim Naumann

Executive Manager at Ventum Consulting


Opening remarks
90 minutes of SCRUM
Closing remarks and end of the event


Overseas Chinese Enterprise Association (OCEA)
6/F, Building A, 218 South Xiangyang Rd

Shanghai, China

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