We thank our mentors for supporting CODE MAKERS + CHANGEMAKERS!

Jelte Ansgar Wingender

Jelte has several hats: the director of Startup Grind Beijing, Senior Manager at Innoway and AngelHack Ambassador. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, people and innovation. Building skilled teams from scratch, growing together and simultaneously creating value for our global society is where he wants to be. As Startup Grind Beijing Director, he locates world-class entrepreneurs and brings them to stage. At Innoway, he bridges the global innovation landscape and helps multinational companies to find innovative cooperation with startups, support entrepreneurs with their search for investors, partners, and other necessary resources in China.

Petromil Petkov

Petro is a startup & trend scouting and innovation management at Volkswagen Future Center Asia. He is fascinated by people and technology, by the agility of lean startups and the scale of enterprises. Being an innovation manager and design thinker, his passion is to create platforms for interdisciplinary teams to be creative and empowered. Petro has work and research experience in Germany, Australia, India, USA, and China. 

Yaoli Wang

Educated at Peking University, the US and Australia, Yaoli is about to start her postdoc at Peking University in September and is AngelHack Beijing community ambassador. Her general mission is to encourage technology entrepreneurship and convert academic innovations in technology into industrial products to solve realistic problems. Her particular interests are in location-based services and urban smart mobility. She got her PhD in Infrastructure Engineering from the University of Melbourne. 

Kamran Rasool

Mr. Kamran Rasool is the Connected Car Test Center Manager at Volkswagen Group China. He previously held management positions at MCON, Alibaba and Hewlett-Packard. He is currently focused on test in production, automation, mobility and connectivity topics in the automotive industry.