Taking our cooking class can be a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture. The bonus? You don't have to worry about shopping for ingredients or your messy kitchen, and even if you don't make a dish perfectly, there will be plenty to eat!

Chinese Cooking: Menu #1 ( Sep 19, 2019 Thursday)


•Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉

•Egg and tomato 番茄炒蛋

•Scallion noodles 葱油拌面

Chinese Cooking: Menu #2 (Oct 24, 2019 Thursday)


•Sautéed Beef Fillet with Green Pepper 杭椒牛柳

•Blanched Jielan 白灼芥蓝

•Fried Rice 蛋炒饭

Chinese Cooking: Menu #3 (Nov 14, 2019 Thursday)


•Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁

•Sichuan Cauliflower 干锅花菜

•Shanghai Fried Noodles 上海炒面

Time: 12:30 – 2:30 pm

Total Sessions: 1

Min/Max People: 4 - 7

Fee: 300 RMB/session

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  • Chinese Cooking: Menu #2 - Oct 24, 2019

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