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Find Your Purpose & Create A Career You Love


According to data by Gallup released in 2013, only 13 percent of employees are emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve. Why are people generally unhappy about their career and what has led to a low worker satisfaction rate? It's not only the concerns of employers but also our own businesses. It is believed that to in order to create a career we would love to be engaged in, we need first figure out who we truly are and what we truly desire.


We are honoured to be joined by Michelle, founder of Your Purpose Path, who will guide us through the process of understanding yourself and creating a career on top of it. Join us next Tuesday evening!

我们很荣幸能邀请到"Your Purpose Path"的Michelle加入,她将指导我们逐步了解自己并在此基础上发展事业。下周二晚上,加入我们!

From this topic you will gain:


Key takeaways:

• Learn more about yourself and what you want from life

• Find out how to discover your life's purpose

• Learn how to turn your purpose into a career you love


- 更加了解你自己以及你想要从生活中获得什么

- 发觉如何探索你的人生目标

- 学习如何将你的目标转化为你所热爱的职业

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