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Thursday, November 7, 2019 (9 AM - 1 PM)

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West Nanjing Road 1038, 9th Floor

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Most multinational companies frequently face challenges in contemporary China's ever-changing business environment. In good times with orders coming in, you might be required to quickly scale up your organization in order to be able to cope with purchase orders and production demands. Likewise, in times of straits, you perhaps don't have the need or the budget to keep redundant workforce on your own payroll.

The situation in China, however, is not comparable with the common practises in Germany. During the speech by Wouter Rinia, we will zoom in on the common practises in Europe, whether they are applicable to the situation in China, and what the challenges are in terms of creating a flexible labour force to add value to your organization:

· Observations of the German and Chinese ways of creating a flexible labour force

· Understanding of the local HR outsourcing services: Working contracts, service contracts, contracting services, secondment

· Challenges and trends in the flexible labour market in China.

· Case study of different companies who benefitted from a temporary workforce


The overall changing business environment along with new expectations towards jobs and work places, provide a new challenge for HR departments in companies all over China. This also includes the questions of how to identify talents for future leadership positions, and how to retain them within the company while forming them until they can unfold their full potential. HR Managers need to be fast but also professional to secure excellence and sustainability, this starts already during the recruitment and hiring process.

An inefficient hiring process going along with questionable individual judgements often ends up in the hiring of a not qualified or not suitable employee. Most likely this will result in an increase of your staff turnover, cause higher personnel cost and in have a negative impact on the organizational performance. Hence it is of highest importance to be aware of the typical mistakes being made during the hiring process and how to avoid them.

During the introduction of the 'Effective hiring process' by Mr. Hsiao J. Chiu , you will find answers to the following questions:

· How to specify the hiring objective or how to develop a candidate profile?

· How to objectively assess a candidates' qualifications and experiences?

· How to select, identify and win candidates for your company?

· How to realize that a candidate might not tell the (whole) truth?

· How to verify candidates' backgrounds?