Kehilat Shanghai

Kehilat Shanghai is the city’s progressive Jewish community. We are a diverse, welcoming, multi-faceted community for liberal Jews living in and visiting Shanghai.

Kehilat Shanghai's purpose is to ensure that Jewish people from all backgrounds feel at home in Shanghai today and for generations to come, and to celebrate Jewish culture and traditions in a progressive spirit.

You are all welcome and encouraged to join our community and attend our events.

Kehilat Shanghai is affiliated with and strongly supported by the WUPJ (World Union of Progressive Judaism) and its regional arms: The UPJ (The Union of Progressive Judaism) in Australia and APJ (Asia Progressive Judaism).

Individuals from throughout the Jewish diaspora, as well as corporate donors, partner with us to build, maintain and sustain our community.

Over the past eight years Kehilat Shanghai has grown into a vibrant and welcoming progressive Jewish community. Through the dedication of our members we offer a variety of Jewish education programs, social clubs, community Shabbat dinners, professional networking opportunities, Jewish holiday services and celebrations and much more. Contact us for more information about the programs and services we offer.

Visiting, transiting through or moving to Shanghai? Come and be a part of our community. Join us for any of our educational classes, community events, holiday services, social events or celebrations. We look forward to welcoming new members to the Kehilat Shanghai community.

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This is a past event. Registration is closed. View other Kehilat Shanghai events.

Event Details

Kehilat Shanghai and Moishe House Shabbat service, dinner, and schmooze.

Schedule for the evening:

7:00pm- Shabbat Service Begins, Led by Dr. Jesse Golden-Marx

7:45pm- Dinner is served

Attendance is limited to foreign passport holders and their families.

Sponsors and Partners


Standard PriceRMB 120



Fei Can Ting (餥餐厅)
5F, No. 83 Changshu Rd (next to Costa Cafe) Between Julu Rd and Changle Rd
常熟路83号 中间巨鹿路、长乐路

Shanghai, China

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