Age: 7-15 years

Sessions: (From Sunday to Saturday ) 

  • July 19 - July 25 (Sold out)
  • July 26 - Aug 1 (Sold out)
  • Aug 2 - Aug 8
  • Aug 9 - Aug 15
  • Aug 16 - Aug 22

Regular Price:

9,800 RMB/Child/Week

2020 Special Discount Price Increase

9000 RMB/Kid/Session

What Does the Fee Cover?

  1. Activity Fee: The cost of all standard activities during the camp
  2. Counselor Fee: 24-hour high quality camp counselor fee
  3. Accommodation Fee: Accommodation expenses during the camp
  4. Catering Fee: Three meals a day for the camp: breakfast, lunch and dinner; and snacks
  5. Insurance Premium: 200,000 yuan accident insurance premium
  6. Camp T-shirt Fee
  7. Post Camp Certificates

Fees Do Not Include:

  1. City to City Transportation
  2. Personal Consumption Fees
  3. Drop Off Day Lunch

Meeting Points: 

  • Puxi: People's Square
  • Pudong: Community Center Shanghai Pudong Office (No. 1146 Biyun Rd)

Camp Details

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend the CCS – Greenwood Boarding Summer Camp

  1. Experience a western culture summer camp – Children spend the days physically active after a school year of online learning. Camps are action places; running, jumping, climbing and making new friends.
  2. Challenge Comfort Zones - Is your child naturally shy? Do they struggle to participate in group settings? Need a Detox from online learning? Counselors will help them take a break from cell phones and the Internet. Children rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities, and real emotions.
  3. Experience a Supportive Environment - Counselors encourage campers to support each other. Children will learn about open-mindedness and non-judgmental behavior, key skills that can help them navigate any social setting.
  4. Develop Life Long Skills – Children will cultivate the five values that will affect their life: respect, patience, friendship, perseverance, and help
  5. Build self-esteem. Counselors provide social and emotional activities to build confidence and more self-esteem. Children can learn about themselves outside of the family structure.

Camp Space

The Camp Greenwoods Shanghai site is located in Sun Island Resort in Qingpu District, Shanghai, 60 km from the center of Shanghai. It has been running more than 40 camp sessions with over 6,000 campers.


Social and Emotional Activities





Glow-In-Dark Party

Field Survival




Food and Bunk