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We're hosting Shanghai's first ever Zero Waste Startup Weekend!

This weekend, we challenge you to rethink our daily activities in Shanghai and around the world through a zero waste mindset.

🌏 A weekend to create sustainable businesses that will change our planet.

Can we "reduce, reuse, refuse," even in an urban jungle like Shanghai? Can we move away from the "take-make-dispose" linear economy and redesign our future through the circular economy, where nothing that is made becomes waste? 

Circular economy has so many business opportunities in high demand! Do you want to be part of this future?

🌳 What's different about this event?

To show that going zero waste is possible, we will make the entire event itself a green! We will limit disposables, source tasty, and recycle materials to minimize the waste sent to landfills.

⭐ What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekends​ are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, you will meet a dream startup team of innovators, marketers, developers and designers. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and prototype creation, Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos and presentations to expert judges. 

🤷🏻‍♀️ Do I need to come with an idea?

If you have an idea for a startup, then great! We hope you pitch for the weekend. If you don't have an idea, that's quite alright! Come and spend the weekend, listen to the ideas being pitched, and see if something piques your interest! The weekend is all about learning about the startup ideation process and learning from each other. If you have more questions, check out the Startup Weekend First Timers FAQ!

👫 Who is it for?

Participants create working startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks. 

It doesn't matter what you do or where you come from, Startup Weekend is designed as an inclusive event for people including...

  • aspiring & experienced entrepreneurs
  • developers & other tech-related professionals
  • designers of all types
  • non-technical talent (business, sales, finance, legal, government, environment, etc.)
  • university students 
  • professionals looking to switch careers or build new skills
  • and passionate visionaries

This event is for you if…

  • You live a low waste lifestyle and want to expand your impact as an entrepreneur. 
  • You have a business idea (physical product, invention, mobile app) or sustainable initiative. 
  • You just heard about zero waste and want to learn more about recycling, repairing, composting, reusing and how to apply them to the real projects. 

🙌🏼 Language

EN & 中文

🗺 Venue:

Impact Hub

Room 306, Shanghai Creative Warehouse, Guangfu Road 195



👉 The hardest part of starting up is starting out.

 At Startup Weekend, you'll be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen.

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you'll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder, and connecting with the right people and resources.


Connect with people driven to build something new. Rich and diverse talent is a Startup Weekend staple.

Are you ready to meet your next cofounder / friends / mentor?


Discover where you are on the Entrepreneur's Journey.

Find the resources available near you.

Leave knowing the next steps you need to take on your road to success.


Learn what it really takes to start a company.

No book, panel, speaker, or blog post will teach you what you need to know.

The only way to learn is the experience of trying.


It's that simple. Startup Weekend is designed to get you going, FAST.

Your local Organizers will set up the ideal environment for you to be successful and learn as much as possible in just 54 hours.

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Ticket price includes food for the entire weekend (3 dinners, 2 lunches and 2 light breakfasts) as well as water. Make sure to attend the entire event as your team will need you until the end!

Sunday Spectator ticket only provides attendance to the Sunday night final presentations. 

No refunds will be granted within 7 days of the event if food and drink have already been ordered. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

By signing up, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


  • Are the organisers taking care of food and accommodations?

We will be serving 7 meals throughout the weekend but you need to take care of your own accommodations.

  • What is the language spoken during your event?

A mixture of both English and Chinese. Language has never been a strong barrier.

  • Who are the other participants?

Similar to you, people interested to become entrepreneurs or fascinated by internet. Business people, tech geeks, and creatives. Some technical, some not! We encourage inclusivity.

  • Do participants have to come with an existing business or idea?

You can come with an idea or a very early stage business (only some market research done). For various reasons, it is better to come with something new!

  • We already have a team and a project, can we still join?

Nope, you come as an individual and not as a team. Take this opportunity to test a new idea and meet with new people!

  • Do projects still continue after Startup Weekend?

Most of the projects won't move forward but some will, it really depends on you and your team. Nevertheless, you will most likely meet your future co-founders and learn a ton!

  • What type of ideas do I need to pitch?

Anything related to technology / internet in a broader sense.

  • What are examples of ideas?

An app to find second hand clothes, a website to find local tour guides, a couponing system for restaurants, a social network for pet owners.

  • What exactly can we expect to make?

We recommend teams to build actual prototypes and you will most definitely have a presentation to pitch and a business model to move forward.

  • Do I need to stay the entire weekend?

Yes! It would be unfair to your team otherwise. If you have personal emergencies, please contact the organising team.

  • I'm working for my own startup or a company, does it make sense to come?

Yes, we don't expect participants to resign on Monday! Come and learn new things, make new friends, connect with coaches and judges, test a new idea, build something cool!

  • I don't want to come the entire weekend, can I just come and look?

You can come to watch the final pitches on Sunday: Get a Sunday audience ticket

Startup Weekend is not a conference, a workshop, or an exhibition. Attendees are expected to work hard and create a new project within 2.5 days! 

More questions? Send an email to:

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