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Contact Person: Gillian Jiang
Event Details
Event Details

Mistakes are repeated and knowledge is isolated

Lack of initiative; people wait for management directions

Talent is not leveraged, and creativity is lost


Celemi Agile Move addresses a number of workplace challenges

for participants to explore and develop an agile mindset. This virtual simulation helps your people discover the benefits of agile principles and learn to apply them to their daily work processes. Meanwhile, people learn to quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions.

Warning… This is not a webinar! Expect to be interacting (and dancing) with your fellow learners right from the start. And if you're planning on attending in your pajamas you should probably know that this is a "Videos On" kind of session.

  • Allan Boyd (Senior Consultant at Celemi - Making Change Happen)

    Allan Boyd

    Senior Consultant at Celemi - Making Change Happen