2014 Training Service Directory Conference

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Eagle Run Plaza
Beijing, China
2014/1/16 (13:30 - 17:00)
A-1 Zone No.26 Xiao Yun Road, chaoyang District, Beijing
For more than 28 years, UI’s leadership has provided consulting services covering education and training issues relevant to the needs of the People’s Republic of China. Through working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and top universities, UI has developed an unmatched level of knowledge management and core competencies.
The following milestones illustrate part of UI’s long and esteemed history in the education and training sector:
• 28 years of management experience covering education and training issues
relevant to the development of human resources in China…
• 22 years in-China experience coordinating conferences, seminars and workshops
for corporations, government and not-for-profit agencies
• 17 years of bridging training buyers with training suppliers through the publication
of the 'Training Services in China Directory' that annually reaches 15,000 HR
Managers throughout China.
• 12 years of global executive coach certification (exclusively for senior management)
• 14 years of full service marketing and management of Executive MBA programs in China
• 13 years of in-China experience as the leading experts on 'Business Driven Action
Learning' tying all of your training and hi-potential development needs to the
objectives of your company
• 4 years as a certified World Institute of Action Learning Coach-Facilitators