Shape Up For Charity

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Superlife (悦力俱乐部)
Beijing, China
Saturday, Jun 22nd (10:15 AM - 1 PM)
朝阳区 工体西路 50 号 3F
No 50, Workers' Stadium West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing Women's Network Spotlight Dinner (06/17)

Irene Hong - Founding Partner of CEC Capital Group

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Ba Yi Lao Ye (巴依老爷工体店) Room 228-238
Beijing, China
Monday, Jun 17th (7 PM - 9 PM)
F1, Xinzhong Dasha, Gong Ti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District
Exit C, Dong Si Shi Tiao Station, subway line 2

Beijing Women's Network Charity Dinner (04/29)

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Beijing, China
Monday, Apr 29th (7 PM - 9 PM)

How to Ace a Job Interview in Chinese

Beijing Women's Network Professional Development Series

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Hutong School Beijing
Beijing, China
Saturday, Mar 23rd (2:30 PM - 5 PM)

Zhongyu Plaza, Room 1501, 15/F
A6 Gongti Beilu, 100027 Chaoyang District Beijing

Christmas "swEAT for Charity" Fundraiser

Beijing Women's Network 2018 Fundraiser for XiXi Garden

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Arcade/Hatchery in 5L Meet Guomao
Beijing, China
Saturday, Dec 15, 2018 (11 AM - 2 PM)
中國北京市朝阳区建国门外建外大街 Guanghua Dongli Building 1

China World Trade Center
Beijing Women’s Network is a platform that serves to provide
women from diverse professional backgrounds opportunities to
connect and share insights into experience they have had in
professional settings.

Through our community, we hope to build collective peer
mentorship and help individuals foster personal growth and
professional development. One of our main focuses is to provide
skills and training specific to building a successful career in the
China space.