Anna Fifield on the future of North Korea

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New Zealand Central
190 Madang Lu, Jinlin Tiandi 3rd Floor
Yesterday (6:30 PM)
190 Madang Lu, Jinlin Tiandi 3rd Floor

China in a New World Order

With Australia's Former Ambassador to China

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Daojianghu Modern Chinese Kitchen
Shanghai Shi, China
Monday, Nov 4th (6:30 PM - 8 PM)
Taian Road 50 (near Xingguo Road)
泰安路50号 (近兴国路)

The State of U.S.-China Relations

With Ker Gibbs, President of American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

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Shanghai, China
Tuesday, Oct 29th (6:30 PM - 8 PM)
5/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu,
near Julu Lu
襄阳北路1号5楼, 近巨鹿路

Thurs, August 1, 12 pm—Lunch with Jonathan Chatwin, author of "Long Peace Street: A walk in modern China."

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Dao Jiang Hu
Shanghai, China
Thursday, Aug 1st (12 PM - 2 PM)
Third Floor, 50 Tai'an Lu, near Xingguo Lu

Tue. June 11, 7 PM --- China's Love Affair w/SIngle-Use Plastics: Panel Discussion on policy, innovation

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Shanghai, China
Tuesday, Jun 11th (7 PM - 9 PM)
2/F, No.132 Nanyang Road, Jing'an

About the membership

The Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club offers a line-up of informative events as diverse as the news itself. Regular discussions, lectures, and panels feature expert analysis on a range of topics including business, politics, economics, art, publishing, health and history. The events held by the SFCC each month also include social mixers and parties, tastings, and consular debriefings.

At our regular events, members get acquainted and become part of the dynamic community of professional foreign journalists in Shanghai. The network of SFCC members offers stimulating socialization as well as practical help in things like finding a lead for a story and even finding new jobs.

The SFCC community communicates through a members-only mailing list. Official club news and event information are posted to the list, but members may also use it to share their own inquiries and announcements.

SFCC cardholders can also access the events, resources, members and (where relevant) facilities of reciprocal clubs, including Hong Kong and Beijing.

SFCC membership is not just open to foreign correspondents: all foreign passport holders may join under additional membership categories. (PRC law unfortunately prohibits us from admitting Chinese nationals.) While, as its name implies, the SFCC exists primarily to serve the interests its Correspondent Members, the club also has a lot to offer to Media and Associate members.

Correspondent Members

Correspondent Membership is open to all foreign correspondents accredited by the Shanghai government. It also includes stringers and freelancers whose primary source of income derives from contributing to international publications. The SFCC's events cater to the interests and concerns of foreign correspondents in China, correlating to the latest happenings that our Correspondent Members are covering. The SFCC also brings Correspondent Members into Shanghai's journalist community, valuable for its social interaction as well as professional support.

Media Members

Media Members are defined as foreign passport holders working primarily for China-based publications and media. This includes editors and staff writers of local publications, as well as the freelancers who write primarily for them. SFCC Media Members enjoy access to sources and resources otherwise available only to accredited foreign correspondents. As many of the foreigners working for local media are relatively new to Shanghai or to journalism, Media Members can glean advice from more seasoned Correspondent Members, and advance their careers or expand their freelancing opportunities through job openings posted to the SFCC list.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to expatriates interested in journalism but working in other fields. Our ranks of associate members include consular staff, attorneys and public relations executives. Many Associate Members are attracted to the SFCC by the wealth of stimulating talks, on more stimulating topics than those offered by business associations. The SFCC mailing list provides Associate Members an efficient means for publicizing their company's events and announcements, while SFCC events provide opportunities to socialize with journalists. SFCC membership provides businesspeople access to the sort of information otherwise available only to journalists and allowing them to keep ahead of the headlines and know the news before it is even written.

  • Correspondent member

    Open to all foreign correspondents who work for overseas news organizations (subject to review by the board). Full-time as well as stringers and freelancers whose primary source of income derives from contributing to international publications.

    Price:RMB 300 / 12 months
  • Media member

    Open to foreign passport holders working primarily for China-based publications and media, incl editors, staff writers and freelancers for local publications.

    Price:RMB 300 / 12 months
  • Associate member

    Open to all expats working in other fields other than journalism. Our associate members include consular staff, attorneys, entrepreneurs and public relations executives.

    Price:RMB 500 / 12 months