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Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30 - 8:45 pm
Every Saturday 7am - 815am

Meet 10 minutes before start time - we will be on the move

Then HIIT workout with running between the stations!

Meet at 3268 Long Teng Road (near Dong'an Road)
at the Sakura Sushi Resturant.
If you are taking the subway use Exit 5 of Middle Long Hua Road.
Bring: Pack light as we are running from station to station.
Bring water and gloves.
If you miss the start time, the group will have already departed the meeting point - you can catch up to us at one of the indicated stations.

Registration for this free event is express agreement to FitFam's Health Waiver & Image Release


樱缘 Sushi Japanese Restaurant
3268 Longteng Avenue (Near Dong'an Road)
Shanghai, Китай

LongHua Road station (Line 7) Exit 5, then head south to the intersection.

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