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The just completed Third Plenary Session of the 18th Chinese Communist Party’s Congress is hailed as drawing a new blueprint for China’s future development. At the center of its decisions is to position the market as playing a "decisive" role in resource allocation, instead of a "fundamental" role. The role of government is to transform with administrative approval power expected to diminish drastically.

The rule of law, in particular the authority of the Constitution is promised to improve. A comprehensive check and scrutiny system will be placed on power abuse of officials. The master class will discuss the roots, impacts and implications of these new measures as they relate to containing vested interests. Significant absence in the current plan such as political and SOE reforms will also be dealt with. A new private public partnership will be proposed.


Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
8 Finance Street Central Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Гонконг (Китай)

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