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The best jobs in the world can be found right here in Beijing. If you don’t go for them, someone else will!

Join us for a 2-hour seminar that will change your life!

What will I learn?

-Two hour session will teach you the secrets of getting an awesome job

-Learn how to make yourself attractive and visible to great MNC’s

-Learn the best way to write your resume so MNC’s don’t throw it directly in the garbage!

-Learn how to match yourself to the most suitable company

-Learn the secrets to getting through your job interview successfully!

-Learn how to meet other ambitious people to grow your network!

Event Fee ¥349 pay at the door. BRING YOUR YOOPAY TICKET!

DISCOUNTS! If you are a student, or a TOASTMASTER, or a member of Beijing YOUTALK Club, or any other speaking or personal development club, you pay only ¥299. BRING YOUR CLUB / STUDENT ID!

FREE BONUS: Professional polishing (within 2 weeks of session) and a job-hunter's resource kit!



Changan Xing Rong Hotel
No. 1 Nao shi kou Ave Beijing, China

Beijing, Китай

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