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A course in Chinese literacy and character evolution

“For students from a language background that is not character based, learning to understand characters can be very difficult. It certainly is a challenge for me! The characters course helps to break down the characters into components that help with character recognition. It explains the different types of characters, and introduces radicals that give clues to the meaning of the characters that contain them.” Karen Linder, Educator, Australia

What is the Chinese Characters course?

Over 5 weeks, you will get an introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese characters and their evolution. By the end of the course you will be able to read about 200 characters and will understand the use of the radicals (components) in forming Chinese characters.

How are the lessons structured?

The course starts with covering the fundamentals of Chinese characters and its history of evolution to enable you to get the essential knowledge and understanding of this ancient language system.

Through interactive and engaging classes you will successfully learn how to read, write and memorize the characters, along with practicing your newly learnt skills in various every day scenarios during the class.

“I’ve always had an interest in learning all the different characters and how to read them, so when I found out Culture Yard did this course I was delighted. As well as being taught the how-to’s about characters we were also taught the brief history and origin of the characters, so as well as learning characters I was learning a little history alongside. I really enjoyed it as a whole and can use it alongside the characters I learn in HSK classes. I would happily do another course on my next visit. “Geordan, Make Up Artist, British-Australian, HSK1


The fee for each course is 1400RMB. See our terms and conditions before signing up.


The next Characters Course begins on December 16th and runs from 11.00-12.50 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 5 weeks.

How to apply

To apply fill out our online application form and one of our course advisors will be in touch within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, contact us by email contact@cultureyard.net or apply directly at the Culture Yard. For more information, arrange an appointmentwith one of our course advisors or visit our office during opening hours (Mon-Fri 9:00am- 7:00pm, Sat 10:00am – 7:00pm, Sun Closed).


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